AquaShower by AquaBLADE

AquaShower by AquaBLADE

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The AquaShower squeegee is specially designed for cleaning your shower. With its convenient suction cup hook, it can be attached to bathroom tiles or your shower wall, so that it’s always available to eliminate water residue as soon as you’ve finished showering or cleaning. The smaller size allows for easy use...

Using it is effortless as it glides easily in your desired direction and is highly flexible. You can scroll from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, and so on. Best of all, this product is a hygienic way to clean and will not leave any scratches on surfaces.

The daily-use AquaShower is the perfect accessory to complement your AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit.

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The silicone blade dries and polishes surfaces effectively, leaving them with a "mirror finish" without leaving streaks. The two-sided edge allows the AquaShower to be used on both sides, ensuring the perfect removal of liquids without any water residue left behind. In addition, silicone has high elasticity and stability; it’s resistant to high and low temperatures and the elasticity of the blade remains unchanged despite varying temperatures during the seasons.

Product Details

  • Made in Italy and includes: 1 x 7.75" blade and 1 x suction cup hook.
  • Effortless daily cleaning tool.
  • Expertly crafted, patented design.
  • Backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Helps your bathroom will sparkle with ease.
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Note: The AquaShower does not come with a drip tray or handle set like the Original AquaBLADE Cleaner Kit. It is meant for easy, daily use in the shower area. 

Product Dimensions (Inches):

Handheld Blade 7.75", suction cup hook (diameter approx. 2.5")

Product Weight (lbs):

.15 to 1lb


1-year limited against manufacturer's defects.

More tips coming soon. Any questions, please call toll-free at 1-800-668-1966 or email us.
  • I am getting streaks. Am I doing something wrong?
    If there is a streak of water left behind when you swipe the AquaShower down your bathroom shower stall, most likely there is debris, dust, or dirt on the silicone edge of the AquaShower. Just clean the edge of the blade with soapy water and a microfiber cloth, and the streak should no longer occur.

    As well, you need to push a little, “Bend the blade” when drawing the AquaShower down your surface. This will help with getting the area properly cleaned and will also eliminate squeaking noises. 

Customer Reviews

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April F
Love it once I got used to it

I am used to using a stiffer squeegee but as I have gotten used to it, I like this style better. It does a good job keeping the shower glass spot free and can easily be stored right in the shower to make it more likely it gets used after each shower.