Be Extra This Spring Clean

Be Extra This Spring Clean

Spring is a great time to clean and declutter your space. You can finally clean both inside and outside of your home and get ready for warmer weather. We want to help break down 4 areas to help you clean those extra spots to be fresh for spring and summer.


The first step on our spring-cleaning checklist is decluttering. We suggest donating anything that you can or throwing out or recycling anything you can’t donate.

Decluttering your space can help you feel more organized and ready to clean.

This task should be done frequently but we are giving you a chance to go deeper into your decluttering. Start in your kitchen by throwing out anything that is expired or donating anything not expired that you won’t use. Anything that’s left can be organized into categories and placed based on how much it’s used. We love to use our Flat Stacks to organize our fridge, freezer, and pantry. When not in use the Flat Stacks collapse and help save space and the lids remain on, so we never need to search for them anymore. Having an organized decluttered system is a great first step for Spring Cleaning.

Flat Stacks containers on counter


The next step to our spring clean is to dust electronics, light fixtures, and baseboards. We use our Smart Living Steam Jr. and CARBON Tuff cloths for this task. Cleaning and dusting light fixtures and baseboards are an extra task for spring cleaning that doesn’t need to be difficult or long. The Smart Living Steam Jr. loosens dirt for the CARBON Tuff cloths to grab. It’s important to clean these areas as they’re often forgotten about. We are always surprised by how much dust and grime we clean up in the spring. The CARBON Tuffs are antistatic and antibacterial, so you won’t need to dust as frequently and there is no lint or residue left behind. One of the best parts about this is you can use them dry or with water so you’re not adding harmful chemicals to your environment.


Also, on our cleaning checklist is sanitizing upholstery and mattresses. We use our Smart Living Steam Mop Plus for this. The Steam Mop Plus has a removeable handle so you can grab the bottom and clean and sanitize upholstery and mattresses.

Did you know steam cleaning kills up to 99% of bacteria so you can relax easier knowing you’re breathing in cleaner air?

Cleaning and getting bacteria off your mattresses and upholstery is so important and does not need to be a difficult job. We love the simplicity of the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus to both clean and sanitize without any harmful chemicals. This extra job is important to remember for Spring Cleaning while moving furniture around to clean baseboards.

Steam Mop Ultra

Windows and Sills

Last is to clean windows and windowsills. For many places you cannot clean windows in the winter as it’s too cold so by the time it’s spring our windows need work. We start with our AquaBLADE and CARBON Tuffs. The AquaBLADE kit has a microfibre pad to clean the windows and then easily get them streak free with the AquaBLADE. You can spot clean or clean the entire window quickly and then use the CARBON Tuffs to polish any other spots around or on the windows. Cleaning windowsills can be difficult as there are many little crevasses to clean in. We love to use our Steam Jr. so we can easily steam clean and not need to scrub in all the cracks.  

AquaBLADE cleaning kit outside

These 4 extra spaces we prioritize every spring to get a cleaner and healthier home for warmer weather. We hope our tips and schedule help you with your spring cleaning and our products enhance your everyday life!

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i ordered the Carbon Tuff + Aqua Blade package last week. it arrived yesterday (a day earlier than expected!) and today i used the cloths for the first time…. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! they are FANTASTIC! my stainless steel appliances and chrome faucets & handles are SPARKLING like never before (and i’ve used Weiman’s stainless cleaner – CT cloths are better!!!) and i didn’t heave to break my back scrubbing.

tomorrow i’ll be trying out the Aqua Blade on our glass shower walls/doors and mirrors – the windows need to wait for all of this rain in California to stop! i fully expect the AB to work as perfectly as it does in Sarah McCallister’s ‘Go Clean Co’ videos! she’s the reason i ordered these products and they live up to their reputation (and hers!) i just want to THANK YOU for these awesome products at such reasonable prices!

deb in Southern California

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