Sanitize Your Floors, Naturally

Sanitize Your Floors, Naturally

If your floors are needing a bit of love – which they surely do, thanks to extra traffic they received during quarantine – allow Ocean Sales to introduce you to the Smart Living Steam Mop Plus, aka your new best friend.

A top seller for over ten years, the Steam Mop Plus continues to age like a fine wine thanks to ongoing improvements to the design. Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and dust mites. In fact, it’s a sterilization method that has been utilized in certain hospitals thanks to the improved cleaning outcomes, reduced cleaning time, lesser risk of falls, and 90% reduction in water use. That, along with its chemical-free use, makes the steam mop an environmentally friendly choice for home cleaning. And unlike many steam cleaners, the Smart Living Steam Mop uses dry rather than wet steam, which saves your floors from buckling.

Whether you’re working from home or busy keeping the kids entertained, clean floors will be the least of your burdens. Simply fill with water, attach a reusable microfiber pad, and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any floor surface in less time than a traditional mop.

You’ve got enough going on – let the steam mop take it from here.

 Adapted from an article written by Kendall B.

***Adapted from Ocean Sales Group Ltd.

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