Weekend warriors, RV and trailer lovers unite!  Across the country, RVs are starting to hit the road again for weekend getaways and nature-filled vacations.

There's nothing like that feeling of packing up on a Friday and saying goodbye to the city.  The anticipation of a campfire, s'mores, stories, music and relaxation is so much fun.  And of course, the fresh air, sights and sounds simply can't be beat.

In our office, a few of us own RVs/trailers and enjoy the freedom they offer.  I personally love the peace and quiet my husband and I get when arriving at our destination.  Walking out of our RV and feeling the sun, smelling the air and taking in our surroundings is a feeling like no other.  Dennis, in our accounting department, probably RVs the most out of all of us though.  Every weekend starting in April, he hits the road with his better half and meets up with close friends.  His favorite aspects of RVing/camping, like me, are the peace and tranquility.  However, he also treasures the relationships and friendships built through the RVing community.  It certainly has a culture unlike any other!


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With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, what plans are you making to get outside and enjoy our beautiful country?  A local hot-spot for us is Banff National Park and its surrounding areas.  Banff is an amazing spectacle of nature with adventures for the most hardcore of enthusiasts.  It's certainly a place many of our staff love to visit, create memories and capture photos even the National Geographic would be jealous of.

In writing this, I must admit am itching to get out in nature.... are you?  I am sure you will agree, RVing and camping = fun for all ages!

Nature, check. Fresh air, check. Good food, check. Good company, check.

It's time to hit the road and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy trails y'all.

*** Adapted from Ocean Sales Group Ltd.

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