Spring... Wow, it's finally here.  Is it feeling like spring in your region yet?

Here, the sun is shining and the vitamin D is flowing; however, the dreaded dust bunnies and friends seem to be peeking out their fuzzy heads too!  ARGH!  Unfortunately, dust and grime are more visible as the weather gets nicer... and no one likes that.  When the sun peaks into your living room, how do your floors look?  What about underneath the couch or behind the TV?  Let's face it, that time of year is here and the cleaning a decluttering must begin.  So we say:  don't dread it, shred that spring cleaning to-do list like a rock star!

Some of us just love spring cleaning because it's cleansing and truly refreshes the home.  It lets us get rid of things we don't need and store others, all the while leaving room for us to really give our homes that deep clean.  Although some of us hate it too because there's so much work and so little time!  Cleaning doesn't need to be complicated though nor full of nasty chemicals.  The right tools and tips can make spring cleaning a snap.  What are your favorite cleaning tools and tips?

One of ours is using the Smart Living Steam Jr. to get into those nooks and crannies in the bathroom and in the kitchen.  Dirty grout, silicone and corners be gone with this naturally bacteria-killing cleaning tool.  Compact, easy to use and powerful, the Steam Jr. can simplify so many tough chores around the house.


Another is using the AquaBlade Cleaner to get those windows sparkling.  Windows can be difficult, especially after winter.  So much dirt and grime that can often take multiple wipes to rid of!  With the AquaBlade, cleaning windows is a breeze and less messy with its amazing water conveyance channel. 



With the abundance of easy, chemical-free ways to clean your home Ocean Sales offers, what's stopping you?  This March, let's all get motivated and give our homes the love and care they deserve.  Besides, there's nothing better to coming home to a fresh, spotless home is there?  Can you feel your stress melt away in that perfectly clean room?  We sure can.  Aaaahhhhh.

To everyone, we wish you happy spring cleaning, along with a beautiful start to a beautiful season.  

*** Adapted from Ocean Sales Group Ltd.

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